Friday, June 17

It's the day before I leave for The World Affairs Seminar and....

I'm trying to suppress my vehement excitement into simple smiles.... but geez, it's hard!

This trip - despite the fact that I'm travelling with three (awesome) dudes - will be my first out-of-state trip where I'm not flying with or to see a family member. And that just adds to the excitement! This is my first opportunity to truly prove my self sufficiency and to show that my countless frequent flyer miles over the years have given me a sense of confidence in travelling and not just free flights.

Anyway, this blog will serve as my way of communication with the friends I'm leaving behind for the week.

Because a blog can say what the 160-character FaceBook status update cannot.... what's really on my mind.

Until tomorrow, I'm off to end my cycle of procrastination and start packing!

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